Board & Train is an on-site immersive training program based on positive reinforcement, that ensures your dog fully learns
the new behaviours while boarding with us.
We use food, affection, praise and play as rewards. Each day includes exercise, training, confidence building, canine enrichment
and socialization—always balanced with sufficient rest and calmness to ensure your pup’s optimum health.

After the program, we set you up for success with a complete training record and videos of your dog, covering everything we have taught. When you pick up your graduate, we ask you to spend some time with us reviewing your dog’s training work and new skills.

The next step? Let’s schedule a phone consultation to discuss you and your dog’s individual needs and goals. Please call or email to set this up. If you have not yet provided us with a Profile about you and your dog, you may complete it here in our secure website application form.
Puppies, fearful and shy dogs welcome.
Specializing in Board & Train at the Bowen Island Dog Ranch.
Carey is available for Board & Train Programs only.