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  • ​5 instructional sessions


Instructional sessions

Dog body language and exercises to give your dog a choice to participate.

Price: $425.00

What is animal husbandry and why is it making a comeback? Read the definition here


Think of husbandry the responsibility of creating a quality of life for your domesticated animal(s). A life free from abuse and neglect, from how your dog is handled for grooming, at the vets office, to how often and the quality of food that it is fed. A quality of life free of fear, free of being forced to undergo unnecessary removal of body parts like docking tails and ears. Husbandry is providing a balanced diet, affection, companionship, exercise, enrichment and reward based training and conditioning positive experiences. Essentially creating #confidentcitydogs is providing situations that you dog will tolerate with minimal stress and maybe even enjoy.

Do you have a shy dog or a dog that is fearful at the vet?

Or is it passed shy and now you have to sedate, muzzle and restrain your dog to even go to the vet? Or do you see sedation and muzzling in your near future?


There is away to avoid this and make going to the vet tolerable and maybe even enjoyable for your dog. A combination of conditioning and obedience and dog body language will set you up for success.

This package is not just for shy and fearful dogs it is essential for all dogs and a recommended to bundle onto all training packages.


It starts with conditioning and mastering stationary behaviors. Imagine being in the vets office and ask your dog to settle and they voluntarily lay down on their side and wait. The vet needs to look at their bottom or in their ears and you have successful trained a chin rest and your dog rests their chin in the palm of your hand.


What is a force free veterinary clinic and how do you find one?

This is an excellent article on force free vets. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find a list of local force free vets but this is something that you can request and advocate for your dog before and during your visit.