Carey's Purpose

Mission: To enrich the quality of life for dogs and support their pet parents through all stages of development from puppy hood through adolescence and maturity.

Vision: Effectively create, support and implement a customized routine consisting of exercise, feeding, nutrition and obedience training using positive learning, clear communication both verbally and with body language.

About Carey

You think you love puppies? Meet Carey Bolduc. She’s trained more than 350 puppies over the last year. While she’s enjoyed every minute of it, Carey’s expertise goes way beyond teaching basics to huggable, loveable fur babies. She has the dedication and proven methods to help correct deeply ingrained behavioural issues in dogs of all ages. For proof, you needn’t look any further than Carey’s beloved Luna.

Deemed “untrainable” by other professional trainers, Luna had been surrendered by three different owners before Carey adopted her. The reason? Luna was a reactive non-stop barker, riddled with anxiety. But Carey saw Luna’s potential and made it her mission to unlock it. By taking a holistic approach that includes a customized exercise, training & nutritional routine, Carey was able to transform Luna into a loyal loving companion.

Previous to Luna, Carey had already established herself in the canine-loving community as a highly effective balanced trainer. Using a combination of corrective and positive training, Carey is a firm believer in the power of clear consistent communication – both verbally and through body language. Always, nurturing, always patient, Carey was born to work with animals

In fact, Carey can’t remember ever not caring for animals. One of her earliest childhood memories is of walking her neighbour’s dog, which was left alone all day. To this day, that genuine love for dogs shines through in everything she does. So you can take comfort in knowing that when you take your dog to see Carey, your four-legged best friend is in safe hands. Just ask Luna!

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