Carey is available for training at Bowen Island Dog Ranch for board and train programs only.

Why is obedience training essential ?

It is essential for the safety of your dog. Dogs need structure and the only way to be able to provide that for them is to train them. When your dog obeys commands their confidence builds, their ability to problem solve as well as it creates and expectation of behavior. This expectation creates a dog that has good social manners and is not pushy. You can eat in peace, great guests calmly and sit nicely at doors and look to you for direction. The basic level of obedience training is also what will protect your dog from harm by controlling their natural impulses to run and chase.

Obedience training also creates calmness and peace of mind;  while having a dog in your life can bring hours of enjoyment, it can also be a frustrating when you dog doesn’t know how to behave. The best part is that you and your dog will be able to bond better because you will not continually be frustrated by their bad behavior and the dog will not be scolded day in and day out.

Vancouver’s off leash dog parks require you to have voice control over your dog and it is all dog owners responsibility to have base line obedience to keep your dog and the other dogs and guests of the parks.