Loose Leash Walking - calm and relaxed

Envy that person seamlessly walking so casually down a busy street with a coffee in one hand and their dog leash in the other?! Leash pulling is frustrating and can cause injury to wrists, shoulders and backs. Pulling causes frustration and over excitement for your dog and turn into leash reactivity (barking and lunging). It can also cause other dogs to react poorly too your dog on the streets. This package will help you become the apple of your dogs eye listening to your commands and taking your direction.

Package includes

  • 5 training sessions


Loose Leash Walking Training Package includes :

Learned commands/Cues:

Sit and Watch me


Leave it

Take it

Lets go

Leash work, walking forward, backwards, right, left, 180 and 360 degree turns.

Go Sniff

Sit for greetings


Loose Leash Walking - Package Includes

Instructional session one: Exercises to get your dog to Focus on you, wait, Lets Go, leash work, polite and calm greeting dogs and humans.

Instructional session two: Review of lets go, focus work, Leave it, take it, lets go and leash work. Introduction to go sniff and leave and take it with distractions and return to heel.

Training Walk: Training Walk with Carey

Instructional session three: Review of all commands/cues

​​Price $425.00 plus GST

Consider adding on a Canine Enrichment Package to your loose leash walking package.

Dogs that are overly excited, hyper and have an excess of energy greatly benefit from enrichment games. They keep the dog stress down and happy hormones up!



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