Puppy training starts on day one



  • ​4 instructional sessions

  • 2 30 minute training walks


Instructional session one

A highly informative session starting with Potty training, Introducing a crate, Self rewarding behaviours. Socializing your puppy, Human socializing, Puppy handling, Dog socializing, Habitation, Routine from feeding to exercise. Addressing unwanted behaviours – Chewing, Puppy biting, Jumping up and Barking.


An introduction to obedience training – learn what is a reward marker, what is a reward, Learn Sit and watch me and introducing them to their new name and touch.

Instructional session two

A healthy check on potty, crate and chew toy training as well as socialization. Then we review Sit and Watch Me, learn some new commands; touch, Leave it, Take it and introduction to down and stand.


​Instructional session three


A health check and review of all learned commands and learn some new commands drop it, up and off, speak and quiet. Sit, Down and Stand Stays


Instructional session four

by now your puppy should be 12 weeks and have their vaccinations. We start our session with a health check and review of all learned commands and time to learn 'lets go leash work as well as introduction to recall on a long leash outdoors. As well as introducing your dog to supervised separation exercises.


Training Walks

2 x 30 minute training walks Loose leash walking, focus, proofing stays with distractions

proofing leave it with distractions and sit, down and stand stays.


Now your puppy is ready for puppy class to learn how to be calm and focused around other dog

Price: $375.00

Looking for Puppy to perfect?

An additional 4 sessions can be added to take the new puppy packing supporting you through the the "teenage" phase for $325.00 Making your total package 

$700 plus gst for 8 training sessions and 2 x 30 minute training walks.

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Puppy Training Tips & Resources

Puppy Training Tips & Resource guide

After you get your puppy