Snuffle Mat

A snuffle mat is created with cloth and creates little hiding spots for treats or kibble. Ask your dog to go to their mat, crate, place or bed and release to the mat with their release word or find it. Your dog will sniff and snuffle around to find the food simulating sniffing for roots, bugs and other food sources in the wild. Note do not let your dog rip the snuffle mat if they do just put it up or ask your dog to go back to their place and release them again.

Snuffle Mats provide stimulation for puppies to senior dogs or dogs recovering from surgery: for those dogs who aren’t as mobile, or have trouble bending down to eat food off the ground, prop the snuffle mat on top of a box. They are a perfect activity for rainy and snowy days or dogs on Behavior modification programs that are designed to keep the dogs stress low and happy hormones high!

Size: 31 cm x 31cm

Price: $45

shipping fees may apply