Dear Mom it is me Lexi

Dear Mom,

It is me Lexi!

Today you drove me to meet Carey. I have met Carey a few times and she always friendly and she loves to play games with me. I was a little unsure and looked back a few times when Carey started to walk away from you. Carey is so confident and I always have fun I knew we would go some where cool. I like how calm she is and how she knows exactly what to do when I get nervous.

Mom – you know how sometimes I get a little scared when passing traffic and constructions and other dogs. Carey said I did pretty darn good today!

We walked through the downtown East side and she asked me to sit at every cross walk. We made our way to our first stop and off leash dog park. Luck would have it – it was empty so we went right in!

We played with a flying squirrel. MOM why didnt you didnt tell me squirrels could fly! I chased it good and droped it every time Carey asked. She must have liked it because she gave me the treats you packed for me.

After that we walked to a skate park. Carey's must have known I am scared of skateboards because we didnt get too close. We just sat in the shade and watched some guys skateboard. They thought I was pretty cool they didn't even know I was affraid.

It was a warm day so we stopped for water at science world and watched bikes go by. Carey had a blanket and we lied on it. It smelled like her dog Luna so I rolled all over it and tried to lick her face over and over and over again. It made her laugh.

After that we went on a long walk back to our apartment. It was such a nice day. Carey says my leash skills are above average and I never pulled once! We thought we found a park and got excited – turns out that park is just some benches and plants. Carey says it must be a park for Cats. We had some water and then left. Pfft Cat park!

A while later we made it home and Carey had me sit in my bed and relax. Carey went and got a sandwich and came back. While Carey ate her lunch she asked me to stay on my place board. She says that structure is important. I tried to talk her out of it a few times but eventually I gave in. She did give me lots of treats and a great walk after all.

Carey took me out one more time for a potty break after all of that water and then put me back in my bed before she left.

Mom can I see Carey again for another city adventure?!

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