Dear Mom and Dad it's me Tommy Hawk

Dear Mom and Dad it is me Tommy Hawk.

Mom and Dad today I went on a city adventure with Carey! Dad brought me to the office and Carey met us down stairs. I had met her once before so I was happy to see her and I was hoping she brought those treats again! I sat so cute waiting for her and YEP she had the treats!

After we left the office we went to a little park on Hastings and Burrard – it is small just like me so I liked it. We worked on what Carey calls leash pressure. Every time I ran forward and the leash was tight she stopped and waited for me to notice and when I did I ran back to her and she gave me a treat! Carey says I am so much smaller than her dog Luna so I was only eating the crumbs off of treats - I love those crumb treats.

Carey also says I am super smart and caught on quick so we headed down the seawall by the seaplane base. I loved it down there. There was so much to see and smell. Mom, Dad... I met someone. I girl someone. She was pure white and had a hair barrette so I could see her pretty eyes. Oh those eyes! I played with her so gently. She really thought I was handsome – when her owner left she kept looking back at me. I played it cool so I didn't look too eager plus it was time to stop for some water.

Because I was doing so good with my leash skills Carey brought me to the dog park. I ran and ran and played with another little dog just like me. We didn't stay too long because there was a really big dog who was too excited and not listening to his owner. I would have played so good with that big dog but Carey says safety first. Carey knows a lot about dog body language, she took a course at Langara collage and everything.

Did you tell Carey that I like the ocean...? Because that is where we went next can you believe it? I dug a little hole and got right in. Ahhhh it was so refreshing it was like being at the spa. I didn't want to get out! After a while Carey said we had to keep going there was something even more exciting to see next.

Off we went to the lost lagoon right here in city – a lagoon! There were birds and raccoons. That place is so cool. We took lots of little breaks for water and Carey took lots of pictures of me. She thinks I am handsome too – what can I say. She even dropped her phone and the screen cracked. Carey is so patient she didnt even swear like Dad does!

Then we headed back through the Westend and I did so good stopping at every cross walk, waiting and sitting. Carey says I am such a good boy! When we got home I was pooped Carey filled up my water and away she went. I had an amazing day.

Thank you Mom and Dad for letting me have a city adventure with Carey!

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