Stuff that Kong and Stuff it good!

Stuff that KONG - What gets rewarded gets done!

Kongs are hollow rubber toys and allow for treats to be stuffed inside and even frozen. I recommend freezing all of your kongs. Not all dogs go for a kong some need encouragement and it to be a nice tasty treat to keep them motivated. You may have to reward and praise your dog to keep working at a kong. Some dogs get frustrated and walk away or even whine if it is too hard.

You can start feeding your dog in a kong as a puppy and start to get them used to using a kong.

Thank of a kong as a self rewarding game for your dog. It rewards them for lying on their belly licking and being quiet. Being calm and quiet are behaviors

that we always want to reward.

Use a kong when you dog is in a crate or exercise pen, on their bed or the other side of a baby gate and reward them for being away from you and being calm and quiet – this is excellent to start to condition dogs with separation stress or hyper attachment to one person that being away from you is good.

From here you can build up to using a kong when you leave the room and then the house again creating a positive association to you leaving.

A Kong will keep your dog busy and satisfied.

  • They’re great for slowing down dogs that eat too fast

  • They can help keep your dog occupied while you are out or away from them

  • Stuffed Kong’s provide your dog mental stimulation = canine enrichment

Frozen kongs are the best with moisture so using some liquid will help freeze them.

Some ingredients below.

Raw and fresh fed dogs their meals can be stuffed into a kong and frozen easily

Peanut butter (simple one ingredient Peanuts that is) peanut butter.

Kibble meals can be soaked in water or broth until the kibble absorbs and peanut butter or a banana on the end to seal.

Mix kibble with pumkin

Use your dogs treats as a main ingredient

Add yogourt or kefir to the kibble or treats to moisten and stuff

Left overs; any cooked meats mixed with yam, squash, potato and broth – yum!

Veggies like zucchini, broccoli, carrots make nice crunch stuffing

Fruit with yogourt like apples, blueberries, bananas

Canned food alone or mixed with kibble or treats

Use a bully stick or dental chew and plug it into the centre of the kong and freeze. For raw fed dogs use a duck, turkey or chicken neck.

Canned tuna or another fish mixed with kibble, veggies or alone.

Remember what gets rewarded gets done and start small. if your dog is engaged in the kong for 5 minutes and gets board take it away at 4 minutes and put it back in the freezer and use again. Reward them with praise when they engage in the kong.

Be creative and have fun!

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