Dog Popsicles

Great tips to keep your dog hydrated.

A tip Karma the doberman's owner shared with me is the Doggie Popsicle made from bone broth. Many owners have shared that their dogs don't seem that interested in water and have had success getting their dogs hydrated with this tip.

If you have meat in in your diet you can easily make your own broth for your dog by using bones from your meal. A great example are the bones from the pre-roasted whole chickens you can purchase at most grocery stores. If you do not have meat in your diet but are fine to handle it you can ask your friends for their bones the next time you are at a summer barbeque. Also it if your dog has allergies to certain proteins it is a best not to use the bones from that protein source.

The best broth is homemade and is simple to make. Store bought broth can be high in sodium and may contain onions. If you have to use store bought then I would recommend organic and low sodium and watch the ingredients.

Broth Instructions

Place the bones in a pot or slow cooker with three to four inches of water above the bone pile. If you are using a pot boil for an hour and if you are using a slow cooker you can set it for 6-8 hours or even set it to cook through night. If your dog likes carrots or other veggies feel free to add them to the broth.

When the broth is complete you can remove the bones (it is recommend that you do not give dogs cooked bones of any kind), let the broth cool and then freeze the broth. You can use a Popsicle, ice cube tray or even use old yogurt containers for larger dogs.

Once the doggie Popsicles are frozen you can give your dog the Popsicle in their dish, on the lawn or for the picture above with princess Chloe you can hold the Popsicle for her while she licks away.

You can also add the broth directly to the dog or cats water to get them interested in the water. You can add 2-3 table spoons to try or even half water and broth.

If your dog likes Popsicles they may just enjoy ice too. Try putting a couple of ice cubes in their food dish and let them examine away.

A word of advise – it is best on a balcony or lawn or towel because if your dog is anything like mine they will pick up the frozen ice or Popsicle and try to put in right on your lap or drop it on your feet to play.

Below is a recipe for frozen kongs - another tasty frozen treat

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