How it survive a dog attack

How it survive a dog attack

What to do when a dog is charging, growling, barking and snapping at you and your child and or dog.


  • Stay calm

  • Put your child or dog behind you.

  • Stand strong “Be a tree” plant your feet and look over the dog

  • Make a fist (avoid fingers being bitten off)

  • Carry and umbrella open the umbrella and use is in between you and the attacking dog.

  • Carry a pet corrector spray and spray in the dogs direction.

  • Carry an air horn and spray in the dogs direction. The pet corrector and air horn can be great at distracting a charging dog this work if your dog is on leash. If your dog is not on leash your dog may bolt from the fear of the loud startling noise.

  • Carry a large thick stick to use if the dog attacks you or dog

  • Use an object in between you and the attacking dog

  • Firm NO! Try a command SIT! Go home!

  • Yell for help

  • Throw a jacket or sweater over the dogs face.

  • If you have to defend yourself aim for the top of the nose and make your strike count.

  • Cover your face/neck and organs

  • Child's pose on the ground covering your head with your hands and your forearms covering the sides of your face. If you have a child put the child under you.


  • Make Eye direct contact

  • Run – never run dogs can run up to 40 km per hour

  • Don't use your hands

  • Don't grab the dogs collar or grab their neck – ever you will get bit

  • If the attacking dog has your dog, you or your child in their mouth and is latched on do not pull. Stay still and calm until the dog releases and then and only then pull back.

How to break up a dog fight.

If you go to dog parks or are around other dogs at any time this is a video that I recommend. Watch it more than once and prepare yourself of what to do to break up a dog fight.

The pet corrector -

This is something that I often keep in my treat pouch.

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