Make your positive interrupter a secret weapon

The method of teaching positive interrupter is taught similarly to how a dog's name is taught. Conditioning a word with food. You say the name and pair it with a piece of tasty food and repeat. Many people use the kissy sound as a positive interrupter. I prefer to use a word, starting with a soft calm voice.

After a few repetitions and provided that the dog responds with interest the sound will get your dogs attention on you whenever they hear the noise or word. The dog understands the positive interrupter noise as a "stop what you're doing and look at me" cue which he's excited about because of the reinforcement history.

The steps in building a reinforcement history is critical. It is built methodically step by step and over time. These methods will make your positive interrupter a secret weapon.

Lets say your dog is barking and charging the door and you were able to use the positive interrupter to stop them in their tracks and turn to you and then you can follow up with “Go to your bed” and your dog calmly goes to their bed and waits while you address the door.

Do's and Don'ts for success.


Use the interrupter unless you are able to follow through with getting your dogs attention.

Use it without a reward until it is conditioned successfully.

Use it to get your dogs attention and then punish or scold the dog.

Use when your dog is over threshold.


Use your dogs ultimate favourite food.

Teach your dog a release word before conditioning.

Ensure that your dog is readily and enthusiastically accepting the food.

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Bimini's positive interrupter is the word listen

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