Recall – your dog’s life depends on it.

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Challenges for recall are distractions or competing interests like sniffing and tracking, playing and engaging with other animals, often dog associate recall with something unpleasant such as being called away to leave their favourite park, or call to go into their crate, or take a bath, or getting in the car if they don’t enjoy the car.

Another challenge is a lack of engagement or checking in with the owner. This often happens if the puppy or dog has been given too much freedom too fast and perceives the owner as a vehicle to get them to the dog park and once at the dog park the owner no longer valuable to the dog when it comes to competing interests. It can also happen if the puppy or dog is indulged with unearned treats, play with no rules and structure and too much attention and affection.

If I were to give you $50 every day for no reason and early Saturday morning, I ask you to wash the dishes for the $50 would you do it?

So how do you create a solid and reliable recall?

1. Be exciting

2. Heavily reward recall with all four reward systems at once food, affection, praise and play. Give multiple treats – shower your dog with love with recall.

3. Practice indoors daily

4. Use a long training leash – do not let them off to soon

5. Only call them to you when you can reward with the four reward systems

6. Never call them to you near something they are afraid of (the vacuum)

7. Practice the name game daily in doors and outdoors with the highest value food

8. Teach your dog hand targeting – TOUCH to run and touch your hand

9. Never call them to you holding the leash up to leash your dog up to leave. Practice recall indoors and leash and unleash your dogs at random times. Outdoors do the same leash at

30 seconds of off leash time then 5 minutes, 15 minutes etc. Leashing doesn’t mean that you are leaving the park. Leash them and play tug or practice obedience, sit, down, touch, or any other tricks they know, reward and then release and let them run.

10. Condition a collar grab and reaching over their head so you can always grab them in an emergency.

11. Never chase your dog – get them to chase you. Pounce away from them and run. Take out their favourite toy and play with them. No matter how frustrated you are that they wouldn’t come you must always reward.

12. Never call your dog and then scold or punish them for not coming. They will only see that you are punishing them for coming to you.

13. If your dog does not come to you when called, you will need to go and get them or ask them to sit or down. Once this happens moving forward you must go back to their long training leash as their recall is not reliable.

14. Bird chasing or other dog’s balls and toys – teach your dog a reliable leave it and practice on a long leash over and over and over again.

15. Replace daily walks with recall training.

16. Hire #CareyTrainsMe

Be exciting and the best and most reliable place on earth for your dog.