Teaching your dog to settle

Capture and reward calm behaviors


Mat or towel on the ground

Treat pouch filled with their meal or high value treats

Method – What gets rewarded gets done.

If your dog is too stimulated pause and wait, don’t nag! No saying sit, sit!, sit!!!!

If you present something that your dog sees and becomes excited. Stop and take it away. Only pick it up or present it if the dog is calm and providing the desired behavior that you would like to see.

Be prepared to Wait, be calm and patient and take your time.

If you are rewarding calm you must be calm

Goal – capture and reward calmness and ignore all attention seeking behaviors

STEP ONE – set the environment up for success

Start in one room with the door closed. pick up all toys, or items that your dog may in distracted by, close blinds or curtains and turn on a white noise machine or white noise app on a table if your dog is alert and barks at outside noises. Place a dog bed, mat on towel on the floor if your dog favours something soft to lay on top of.

Hyper dog relaxing on place board dog bed


Sit and wait calmly and ignore your dog if they climb on your lap or try to get your attention. Put them back on the floor and wait, be patient and ignore your dog until your dog offers a settle behavior. You must sit calmly and still. A settle behavior may be a down, laying on their side or laying on their tummy with their chin on the ground. Do not reward laying on their back with paws in the air being silly. When your dog offers a settled behavior. Place their food reward in between their two front paws so they can eat the reward without getting out of their settled position. Tip: Always use your treat pouch do not open a treat bag or noisy plastic bag that will excite the dog and break their settle. If you go to get up and the dog breaks the settle sit back down and wait until they offer again. You are teaching your dog that to get your attention they need to offer a settling behaviour. Always place the food down calmly and quietly.

STEP THREE – repeat step two in all rooms of your house

STEP FOUR – repeat step two with distractions. Toys on the floor, other members of your household moving around the room and home.

Tip: Capture and reward calmness every where you go.