Recall Training package - come when called

It is the best feeling watching your dog run to you at full speed, full of excitement because you called their name. Learning voice control over your dog will give you and your dog the confidence to safely go anywhere at anytime. Your recall package includes four instructional sessions, learning games and fun.


Recall Training Package includes :

  • 4 training sessions

Instructional session one: Conditioning, Introduction to lets go and recall cues, sit and release word, recall games and home work and games for the following two weeks.

Instructional session two: Recall with distractions, recall games.


Instructional session three: Final session recall exercises with high level distractions.


Price $375.00 plus GST

Consider adding on a Canine Enrichment Package to your recall package.

Dogs that need focus and connection with their owners for recall greatly benefit from enrichment games. They keep the dog stress down and happy hormones up!



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