What is Tellington Touch...?

TTouch is a gentle, positive teaching method for animals that combines bodywork and groundwork exercises. The process supports health, improves mental focus, physical balance, coordination, emotional equilibrium and reduces tension while deepening the bond between animal and caregiver.

What does TTouch help?

  • enhances quality of life

  • supports recovery from sickness and injury

  • problems associated with aging

  • end of life

  • lack of focus and confidence

  • allergies and indigestion

  • aggression

  • fear and shyness

  • excitability and nervousness

  • car sickness

  • excessive barking and chewing

  • leash pulling

  • resistance to grooming

Helen Walkley is guild certified as a TTouch Practitioner to work with dogs, cats and other companion animals together with their caregivers.

Helen is available for private sessions, as well as group workshops for varied populations such as pet caregivers, groomers, shelters and obedience trainers.

To book an appointment/workshop... For further information...

please contact Helen: info@helenwalkley.com