Vancouver Dog Walking

Creating confident city dogs

NOW ACCEPTING DOGS in down town vancouver

Training walks

We work one on one with puppies, reactive, fearful, high energy

adolescent dogs learning manners and boundaries.

Adolescent and adult dog Training Walks

1 hour (55 minutes) $45 per walk

Puppy Training Walks

1/2 hour (25 minutes) $25 per walk

Pack walks - request only

Pack walks can be scheduled and booked and are the same rate per dog.

Pack walks require safety, guidance and direction positive conditioning

and and counter conditioning is used to create confident

city dogs.


​Meet Katie!

Katie has a wealth knowledge about pets and pet products. Prior to walking and training dogs, Katie was a manager of a large pet store in Olympic Village. Katie is dedicated and responsible, and reinforces all training that your dog already has to ensure that your pup is on it's way to be a polite Vancouverite. Katie will also teach your pup new and exciting tricks and important manners to keep them safe and confident on the city streets. Katie also is available for in-home pet sitting. Not just for dogs - she is experienced in reptiles, birds, cats and all kinds of critters. Katie's dream is to open an animal rescue for all creatures great and small.