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Vancouver Pet Sitting- In-home pet sitting


When Caelin was 10 their mother adopted their family’s first rescue dog, and they haven’t stopped since. Having lived with (and raised) everything from Chihuahuas to Golden Retrievers, and Newfoundlands to Beagles, Caelin has nearly two decades of experience handling dogs of all temperaments. A writer and digital marketer by trade, Caelin is available for in-home pet sitting. They’ll hang out with your dog, keep your pup on schedule, and ensure you come back to a happy, relaxed home. #caelinsitsme

What pet parents

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Dax - Katie has been providing the most excellent care for my German Shepherd, Dax. Katie takes Dax on regular walks as well as the occasional overnight at my place. She bring her heart and skills on every walk and sleepover, providing a watchful eye and a lot of fun for my pup. Dax is a complicated, sensitive boy and she cares for him with patience and love. I adore getting Katie's updates every day and trust that Dax is always so well taken care of. She's more than just a dog walk or sitter...she's truly a friend and companion for Dax when I can't be there. 

~ Ryan Nadel

newman & Ringo



Newman and Ringo - My dogs are everything to me!

Katie is professional, caring and has with a great personality. My 3 dogs love her, wait for her at the front door and listen to her.

Monica Magnetti