Leash Reactivity - barking and lunging



Reactive Dog Training Package

– your dog’s quality of life depends on it!

Package includes

  • 10 instructional training sessions 


Does your dog bark or lunge at other dogs on the street, skateboards, shopping carts, bicycles, or joggers? Do you feel isolated or are constantly avoiding situations because of your dog’s behaviour?

Many dog reactive dogs are experiencing over-excitability on walks, suffer from leash frustration, are fearful and potentially even aggressive. Our training package will help build a strong connection with your dog by reinforcing your dog's focus on you as their handler. We will empower you with strategies that will help you walk safely and enjoy being outside with your dog. You and your dog can have a better quality of life!


Understanding dog and human body language, triggers, establishing a threshold and management strategies, conditioning, introducing muzzles, loose leash walking and keeping your dog engaged. We will create management strategies and then review a training plan together that you can clearly understand and put into action. We will create a game plan to condition and counter condition while keeping your dog under threshold in a safe, workable environment so that you can both begin to learn basic strategies and understand one another.


Package price $1080 plus GST

Rescue dog? Have you rescued a dog in the past 30 days?

10% off the package $970 plus GST

Documentation will be required for the discount.

Consider adding on a Canine Enrichment Package to your Reactive Dog package.

Dogs that are shy, fearful, reactive or suffer from anxiety and reactivity greatly benefit from enrichment games. They keep the dog stress down and happy hormones up!

ADD ON A 10 DAY BOARD AND TRAIN for an additional $1025 plus gst

Your dog will board and be trained with Carey and her pack daily #packlife to work on socialization and obedience around other dogs.


Many of the sessions in the reactive dog package will be outdoors and weather dependent.

Interested in training? Please complete the intake form and provide your dogs history here.